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Welcome, friends! My “background” blurb is as follows: I hail from the tundra of Buffalo, New York. After seeing a production of CATS as a child and realizing that I was one of the few audience members who was truly invested in these misunderstood felines, I knew that my future would be anything but typical.

My one true love is human connection through storytelling. There is nothing like the electricity I feel when I am truly connecting with an audience as my true and authentic self. I hope that if I ever have the pleasure of being in a room with you, we can create that otherworldly magic together.

I have had the great honor of doing a lot of shows in a lot of different places all over the globe, but my greatest offering is my own story. My story is one of being broken open completely in order to step into my full, imperfect self. It’s one of learning to say “thank you” to those who doubt me. I humbly offer that story to you in every performance I give.